Who we are

Most of the congregation in Bonn and Cologne are native speakers of English. Many come from the UK, but we have members from all parts of the world. Some are only temporarily in Germany; others are long-term residents, either because they have married German nationals or because their work is here. Most non-German members of the congregation also speak good German. Germans play an active part in our parish life. Both congregations range from families with young children to senior citizens. Although the majority of our congregation is Anglican, a number of other denominations are represented whose members, being English speakers, also regard the churches in Cologne and Bonn as focal points for worship. We see this ethnically, culturally and denominationally very varied community as one of our major strengths. It helps to make the congregation more flexible and dynamic in its attitudes.

In the main, our chaplaincy staff are volunteers from our congregation who take on different aspects managing and supporting our community, under the guidance and support of our chaplain.  If you would like to get involved or support any of our activities in any way, please get in touch. (Please note we do not accept commercial offers or advertising.)






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