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Jenny Knudsen

JennySocial media and weekly news sheet editor – Originally from Norwich, England, Jenny has been living in Bonn since 1999. She compiles the weekly news sheets with the collect, readings, psalm and notices for the week, and she also manages the chaplaincy’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.  As a result, she takes a lively interest in the goings-on at both ends of the chaplaincy. Jenny and her husband Reiner are active in the Anglican and Old Catholic communities in Bonn and Cologne, and are keen to foster the links between them wherever they can. Jenny is a member of the Anglican¬–Old Catholic International Coordinating Council. Both Jenny and Reiner belong to the Bonn English Singers. The chaplaincy’s annual services of Nine Lessons and Carols in Bonn and Cologne with their choir are always two of the highlights of their year.