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Elizabeth Hormann

elizabethDeanery Synod Representative - Elizabeth hails from Boston Massachusetts and has been living in Cologne for 27 years. She lives in Longerich (North Cologne). Elizabeth has been a member of the chaplaincy for 25 years and a member of the Council for the last five years. In 2013, she has extended her role to become a Deanery Synod Representative.
A great listener, Elizabeth attributes this to her work as a therapist. She has been involved in the Anglican/Episcopal community since the age of 10, doing everything from singing in the choir, to being a council member in the different places she has lived, through to being involved in church camps and writing for the Boston Diocesan newspaper. The Anglican Church has been Elizabeth’s spiritual home and given her a moral compass for most of her life. She wants to have an active part in ensuring that our Chaplaincy continues to be a place where people feel at home - however long or short their stay - where we provide support in difficult times and share in the joyous times - and where we can pose hard questions about moral issues in our globalized world - and work and pray together to find and implement some suitable answers.